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Tina Lockhart’s kind words about the fundraiser:

I’m doing this cause I want to pay it forward. During the lockdown I’ve had some amazing clients and they helped me get through some tough times… so I’m hoping as a client of Pet Spaw, I can help her too!

Anyone who goes to see Jessica and her team to get their dog groomed, knows how amazing they are. I personally was so happy that they were allowed to open again and my first thought was oh thank god! Then I heard about all the restrictions she’s having to open under. They’ve literally told them they can open, but with only 1 dog in the shop at a time! That’s completely ludicrous! But regardless of how I feel about it… that’s how she has to work for now. I won’t go into the details…. but it means that she is not even going to be able to take half the clients that she used to. That doesn’t even cover her bills…. let alone her own salary. So I’m hoping we can help her out.

I know myself, I would have spent $100 last month to get my dog groomed. I know there are many of you out there in the same boat. If we could all pool together a portion of what we would have spent, we can help her….. ease some of that burden of having to close. Let’s face it… the programs out there to help, usually aren’t enough or come too late. I don’t want that to happen to her and if we can help her… then why not.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but how many of us have called Jess and been like…. so my dog cut himself…. how can i care for it at home!? And she’s happily and freely given her time and knowledge asking for nothing in return. So let’s repay the kindness… with this:) the world right now is such a mess…. let’s help someone make it a bit better!

Thanks everyone!! every little bit helps!

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Our Thanks to Tina:

“We are beyond Speechless and thanking Tina and Hunter, of course, for their generosity and thoughts! She truly understands how difficult times have been for small businesses. It warms my heart to know the value and appreciation our clients have for us. The kindness of each and everyone is an exemplary reason as to why we LOVE what we do! We will strive and continue to provide the same quality services until we can get back to business as usual! Again we thank everyone who is thinking of us and routing for us, without YOU there would be no US!! We are all in this together! Stay safe and Healthy.”

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