Grooming Protocol

A little bit about our Grooming Protocol…

Our pets are admitted anywhere from 8am and 2pm and start going home once their groom is complete. We try our best to accommodate specific pick-up times at a first come first serve basis upon drop off in the morning. If you require your pet stay longer then 2 hours, upon grooming completion, please refer to our groom and play packages.

Please expect small dogs grooming to take anywhere from 3-4 hours minimum and larger dogs 5-6 hours minimum. Timing is dependent on size of pet, coat condition and temperament.

It may seem that your pets are here for fair bit of time, but it does take time to provide a quality groom. From the moment your pets are dropped off for their appointment, they are prepared to be bathed. This entails cutting their nails, trimming their pads, providing a sanitary shave, cleaning the ears and, at times, taking the coat down in length. They are then bathed. Next step would be a full rinse and drying with an air force dryer. Once most of the water has been expelled from the coat, they are placed in a kennel with air flow to completely get dry. Our groomers are then able to commence finishing the dogs that have been dried. Once the full grooming is complete, they are ready to go home!

We kindly ask our clients to pick up their pets at a reasonable time after their groom has been completed. Should your pet need to stay for the day, we now offer a “groom and play” package that may be added as an additional cost on top of the grooming. We are mainly a kennel free environment with the option of separating aggressive, anxious, or nervous pets if needed. Dogs that are overstimulated or aggressive may be asked to be picked up immediately after their groom or scheduled on a day where you are more readily available. We groom several rescue and senior pets that can be negatively influenced by stress and anxiety.

Also, keep in mind due to the very busy area we are located, it is a liability to take your pet outdoors to do their business. We do have an area where the dogs can relieve themselves, but keep in mind majority of dogs will not use indoor area.

We find through this process we are able to provide a professional, comfortable and high quality service to our clients while remaining in business. We hope to continue to grow and provide a quality service for many years to come with the help of our clients.

Please contact us with any questions we will be happy to help!

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